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The Recycled Haus

The Recycled Haus

The intention with the 1600 Block is to increase awareness in a sustainable way and bring neighbors together.

Fences will not be built in the front half of the lots so the fruit trees and berries may share the property line. More fruit trees adorn the rear of the lots.

Consider organic chicken eggs harvested from the chickens that help with weeds and insects? We are thinking about building chicken coops between two lots in the rear to share in space and care needs. Go deeper with us..."

Each Recycled Haus Features:

The Recycled Haus
  • Passive solar design estimated to provide 40% winter space heating and 100% of summer cooling load
  • R-30 Wall and R-60 Roof Insulation
  • Energy Efficient LoE Argon filled windows
  • Solar thermal hot water system
  • Lifebreath Clean Air Furnace combines solar hot water for space heating using integrated heat recovery ventilation
  • Extensive use of site salvaged materials, reclaimed lumber and tree milling
  • Participation in Earth Advantage, Energy Star Homes Northwest, and Oregon Department of Energy 's High Performance Home Building Standard
  • Standing seam metal roof for durability
  • ENERGY STAR Appliances
  • Healthy paints and finish products

The NW Fresno Green Building Project is on board with the Architecture 2030 Challenge for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more at:

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